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NOKIA 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 ETC RINGER IC JUMPER

This post holds Nokia 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 Etc Ringer Problem. If you are having one of these problems check these images out and do this simple solutions.

Nokia 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 Ringer Not Working
Nokia 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 Ringer Ways
Nokia 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 Ringer Jumper
Nokia 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 Ringer Ic Track
Nokia 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 Ringer Solution

Nokia 110,1600,2310,2610,6030 Etc Ringer Ic Jumper
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