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Nokia Lumia 710 Ringer Solution Jumper Problem Ways

Nokia Lumia 710,Ringer,Solution,Jumper,Problem,Ways

We will share information about the Nokia 710 Ringer Buzzer Problem. if you want to try the trick from us please follow the instructions on the image below.

Hardware Solution:

The picture above is a scheme on how to repair nokia710 ringer buzzer. The following tricks :
Check the path of his ringer buzzer,

If both lines ring under normal circumstances then please replace the IC N2150 as shown above.
This scheme to fix : broken sound, no noise, troubletones, small voice, the voice interrupted. etc. Good luck with this trick.
The picture above is about how to repair the Nokia Lumia 710 ringer buzzer problem, it can not make a sound, bad sounds .to make improvements please follow the instructions in the image above. try to check the red lines on the image above. if the second line is normal then you try to change ringer ic like the picture above.

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