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Repair Samsung GT-S5300 Power On Off Button Ways

Samsung GT-S5300 Dead does not start Solution
Samsung S5300 keys Power Jumper
Samsung Galaxy GT-S5300 On Off Button Ways

Here’s the solution for a water damaged Samsung GT-S5300 that shows charging indications but unable to turns on when pressing the power key button.

The solution below shows the line paths of the Samsung S5300 On -OFF key connections down to the keypad filter chip. You may refer to the below solution for tracing the on-of line paths and mend an alternative jumper solution on it.

Samsung GT-S5300 Power On and OF key Jumper Ways

If you are facing an energy problem in Samsung Galaxy GT-S5360 diagrams in this article can help. Continue with the following troubleshooting solutions and establish bridges necessary for the points that have been damaged.

Samsung Galaxy GT-S5300 power button point Trick damaged bridge. Trace point of damage to the meter or check off switch with a new one. We can check problem button to connect the phone to the charger with mobile entertainment indicator appears on the screen and pressing the power button, then this is a power button problem. See diagram and apply jumpers as diagram.


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