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Nokia 201

Nokia 201 Full Short Dead Solution

Nokia 201 Dead SolutionNokia 201 Vibrate OnlyNokia 201 Full Short SolutionThis Solution Help You To Repair Full Short Problem In nokia.If Your Phone Battery Quiacly Down Empty problem and When You Put Battery Phone Vibrates So Try Below SolutionPlease Note that we will edit these solutions or add new ones if found in this page at any time in the future.So feel free to come back any time on this page to stay up to date.Complaint: Full Short, Mobile Vibrates When Insert BatteryReason: Resistance Short On…

Nokia Asha 201 Ringer Solution Ways

Nokia Asha 201 Ringer Buzzer Jumper Solution Ways,Nokia Asha 201 Speaker Solution,Nokia Asha 201 Ringer Ways,Nokia Asha 201 Speaker Jumper,Nokia Asha 201 Speaker Problem Repair. All these problems can be cause of water damages, carbon or rust.In Nokia Asha 201 Ringer Problem can occur because of the faulty Ringer or it’s bad connection to the Phone’s Motherboard.So first of all you should clean Nokia Asha 201 Ringer Ways and Motherboard of the Mobile Phone.Please Note that we will edit these solutions or add new ones if…

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