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Nokia Lumia 710

Lumia 710 / 800 / 800c “Not Flashing” After Tp Boot Repair Solution

Lumia 710 / 800 / 800c Not Flashing After Tp Boot Repair SolutionSTEP 1:In order to fix this problem, you first need to write QUALCOMM OSBL to your phone via TP Method.Select Correct Phone Type and make sure M.B.R. + SEC_BOOT + OSBL QCOM is selected as well. Then click REPAIR BOOT!!!STEP 2:Remove USB Cable and press and hold POWER BUTTON for 18 Seconds. Then press and hold VOLUME UP Button while connecting the USB Cable to the phone.*** Your Phone should now be detected as a New HDD Device and Windows will ask you to FORMAT…

Nokia Lumia 710 Charging (+) (-) Short Solution

In Nokia Lumia 710 if it is not charging ok and you have not charging problem in Nokia 710 then you can solve this problem with help of diagram bellow. in this diagram all charging links are identified so that you can understand which parts are used in charging function in nokia 710.Just see the solution preview below for it shows which track to be check and make jumper.Please Note that we will edit these solutions or add new ones if found in this page at any time in the future. So feel free to come back any time on this…

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