Monday , 30 March 2015

Samsung Grand 2 G7102 Power Key Ways Switch Solution

samsung sm-g7102 power key ways problem solution

Samsung GT-G7102 Power Button Ways Problem On Off Switch Jumper Solution One of the most common issues that are found in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 is its power button problem. The reason for this problem could be anything. This could either be due to water damage or just the basic wear and tear. In the case of basic wear ... Read More »

Samsung SM-G350E LCD Display IC Solution Problem Ways

Samsung SM-G350E Display Light Problem Ways

Samsung SM-G350E LCD Display IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways if you have a Samsung Galaxy Star Advance SM-G350E lcd light off, first you try to replace lcd normal or good, if by replacing lcd unsolved problem, you can just re-solder connectors to be sure if the connector lcd lcd no problem, if the men do not produce solder connectors result, ... Read More »

Samsung S4 Zoom SM-C101 Sim Card Problem Ways

samsung sm-C101 Sim Card Ways Problem Jumper

Here’s the full solution for Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C101 SIM card problem that it does not accept or detect any SIM card being inserted to it. This solution shows the full line paths or connection tracks of the Nokia SIM circuit, from th SIM pin connector through to the SIM filter IC and to the inner most part of the main ... Read More »

How To Fix Charging Problem In Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 Charging Problem Solution Ways

Nokia Lumia 920 Charging Ways Problem Jumper Solution Not Charging Problem Here’s the Nokia Lumia 920 Not Charging Problem Solution, this solution simply shows the location of the charging components on Lumia 920 PCB board. To fix a charging problem like “charger no response, or fake charging this solution may help. Just refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted components. ... Read More »

LG T585 Charging Problem Repair Solution

Lg T585 Charging Ways Charge Solution

Here’s the solution for LG T585 Not Charging problem , this simple solution provides the basic details on how to fix the problem. Just refer to the solution below and follow some steps procedures on how to troubleshoot the problem. This solution may works on ‘charger no response indication’ when any working battery charger is plug-in to the DC jack. LG ... Read More »

Samsung GT-I9060 On/Off Switch Ways Repair Solution

Samsung Grand Neo I9060 Power Key Ways Button Solution

Samsung GT-I9060 Power Button Ways Problem On-Off Key Switch Jumper Here’s the solution to repair Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo I9060 power ON/OFF switch problem. This problem may cause the device unable to power up when hitting the power key. The problem may easily configured if the power ON and OFF switch key has no response, but the device is not totally ... Read More »

Samsung Grand Neo I9060 Speaker Problem Solution Ways

Samsung GT-I9060 Ringer Speaker Ways Problem JUmper

Samsung GT-I9060 Speaker Ways Ringer Problem Jumper Solution This is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo I9060 Solution for not working ringer or buzzer problem. The solution below provides the connection line paths of the speaker on the Samsung I9060 PCB board. Our previous solution is Samsung GT-I9060 Volume Keys Button Problem Ways Problems No Sound in Samsung Grand Neo I9060 Buzzer. Low Sound ... Read More »

Samsung GT-I9060 Volume Keys Button Problem Ways

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo I9060 Volume Keys Jumper Problem Ways

Samsung GT-I9060 Volume Button Ways Up-Down Keys Jumper Solution Here’s the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo I9060 solution for damaged or not working volume up and volume down button switch problem. This solution provides the connection line paths of the said button switches. To fix this problem you may first visually check the button switch assembly for possible damaged. Just replace ... Read More »

Repair LG Nexus 5 D820 Power Button Ways

LG Nexus 5 D820 Power Button Ways On Off Switch Jumper

LG D820 Power Button Ways Problem Jumper Solution On-Off Switch Repair In this post I will explain solution for LG Google Nexus 5 D820 power problem. So if your phone is jammed and not powering up at all this post can be really helpful to you. LG Nexus 5 D820 Power Switch Hardware Solution Here is the hardware solution for LG ... Read More »

Samsung Note N8000 Lcd Display Light Problem Solution

samsung gt-n8000 display light ways lcd solution

Samsung GT-N8000 Display Light Ways Problem Jumper Solution This solution covers to fix Display problem for Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 Tablet 10.1. These are just simple hints on how to troubleshoot display problems such as white screen, empty or black screen. I’m referring display problem that you may still hear an audio from the device like welcome tone, alert tones ... Read More »