UMT (UMT Pro) Dongle Setup – [Latest Version] UMT QCFire (v6.7)


UMT Dongle GSM v6.7, MTK v4.1, QcFire v6.6, Latest Setup

UMT Dongle is also known as the Ultimate Multi-Tool. Recently the latest version was released, and you can download it by clicking the downloaded button. However, this is a professional software for servicing the Samsung and HTC Android smartphone. This tool helps a user to flash their smartphone, unlock the locked device without losing any user data. Remove screen lock.  Reprise the IMEI number with backup and restore IMEI number and NVM/EFS, root, etc. now download the file and read full content for efficiently use the tool on your pc.Download.

Download UMT Dongle GSM MTK QcFire Latest Setup

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Solution To Fix Card Update Required:

UMTv2 / UMT Pro open like this please download the below file to click Update Card Counter
Solution To Fix Card Update Required

⚜️*UMTv2/UMTPro – UltimateMTK v4.1

– S5 (X652A)


– XT2025-3

– A15 (CPH2185)
– A1K (CPH1923)
– A3 (CPH1837)
– A31 (CPH2015)
– A83 (CPH1729)
– A83 (CPH1827)
– A9 (CPH1938)
– A91 (CPH2001PU)
– AX5s (CPH1912)
– F11 (CPH1911)
– F11 Pro (CPH1987)
– F15 (CPH2001)
– F17 Pro (CPH2119)
– F5 (CPH1723)
– F7 (CPH1819)
– F7 Youth (CPH1859)
– F9 (CPH1881)
– F9 Pro (CPH1823)
– F9 Pro (CPH1825)
– R5 (CPH1835)
– Realme 1 (CPH1861)
– Realme 3 (RMX1821)
– Realme C11 (RMX2185)
– Realme C2 (RMX1941)
– Realme C3 (RMX2020)
– Reno 2F (CPH1989)
– Reno 3 Pro 4G (CPH2035)

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– Mi Play
– Redmi 6

Added Support for UFS Storage Devices

Added Automatic Disable Auth
– Software will Automatically do it for listed phones
– If you use manual method, use “Use Disable Auth” checkbox on top to control behavior

Added Connection Mode Help
– Now log will show you, in which mode to connect device.

Fixed Disable Auth for Xiaomi Note 8 Pro and some others

Auto Install Driver Package / Filter Driver with Setup Installer

QcFire v6.7 The Ultimate Qualcomm Tool

– Yoga Tab 3 Plus (YT-X703F) (MSM8976)

– Galaxy A01 (SM-A015V)
– Galaxy A02s (SM-A025F)
– Galaxy A11 (SM-A115F)
– Galaxy A11 (SM-A115U)
– Galaxy A11 (SM-A115W)
– Galaxy A11 (SM-A115U1)
– Galaxy A11 (SM-A115AZ)

– Y12s (PD2060F)
Xiaomi Reset Mi Account (No Relock)
– Updated Reset Mi Account to new method.
– Supported almost all Xiaomi Qualcomm.
– You need Xiaomi Service Account if Skip Auth failed.

Tested Devices:
– Mi A3
– Pocophone F1
– Redmi 5
– Redmi 5 Plus
– Redmi 7A
– Redmi 8
– Redmi 8A
– Redmi Note 3
– Redmi Note 6 Pro
– Redmi Note 8
– any other Xiaomi Qualcomm should be supported
Updated Enable Diag (ADB)
Updated Internal Loader Database

Added Reset FRP confirmation on Reset Mi Account / Fix Wifi / Network function.

Added QCN Patch Option on Restore QCN

Added Diag Only Option for IMEI Repair
– Ticking this will allow you to skip EDL mode operation

Updated Format FS / Reset Locks (Vivo) Functions
– If write is not allowed, it will try to use Alt. Write method instead
– Please note that Reset Locks (Vivo) function may not work on latest firmware

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Enabled Manual Selction of Internal Loader
– You can now choose loader from internal database if needed.
– This option is restored due to demand of many users.

Updated Internal Loader Database with many new Loaders.

UltimateMTK v1.7

Supported Functions:

  • Read Info
  • Reset FRP (For devices supporting this feature)
  • Reset Locks (All Android Versions, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
  • Read Pattern (Android 5.x and earlier, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
  • Format FS
  • Format FS (Advance)
  • IMEI Repair in META / Boot Mode
  • Backup NVRAM
  • Restore NVRAM
  • Reboot to META / FACTORY / FASTBOOT Mode
  • Added Support for Helio CPU (MT6750, MT6755, MT6763, MT6739 etc)

Added Support for Following Devices:


  • OT-8063


  • iBRIT AF51


  • Atlas A551


  • Plume P7 Plus (PGN523)


  • S6s


  • S11


  • K9 Virat 4G
  • K9 Kavach


  • Z60
  • Z70


  • Vibe P1m (P1ma40)


  • Twist Mini (S431)


  • i6 Metal HD
  • i9
  • Energy X1


  • M8


  • H58
  • V46


  • IN2


  • Venture V8


  • V5s


  • Primo GH6+

Added Support for MT6739

Added More DA in List

Note: Some features are device/brand specific, may not work on all devices.

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