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Panasonic T21 Restore Factory Hard Reset Remove Pattern Lock

How To Hard Reset Panasonic T21

Remove Pattern Lock From Panasonic T21
Panasonic T21 Factory Reset Satting
Indeed the Hard Reset | Factory Reset operation is very needed, As it can help you to fix many problems like:

– Your Panasonic T21 doesn’t respond to any order after booting because of any software errors.
– Forgotten pattern lock..
– Forgotten user code.
– Forgotten phone code.
– Getting Rid of Force Close errors.
– Fixing the Boot loop situation.
– Before or after installing a new firmware update into your device.
– Before selling the device, To Wipe all your saved personal data.

Panasonic T21 Hard Reset Steps:
– Turn your device off.

– Take out any existed SIM or memory card.

– Wait for 10 seconds.

– Put the battery back.

– Press and hold the Volume Up key + Power key.

– Keep pressing the keys until android logo appears,Then release The Power Key only.

-Choose Language English.
– Use the Volume Down key to select Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.

– Use the Power key to confirm the operation.

– You need to use the Volume Down key again to select “Yes — delete all user data”

– Use the Power key to confirm.

– After performing the hard reset, Select Reboot System Now option, And confirm it using thePower key.

– Now the phone will reboots, Wait for it to be fully on and then you can start using it.

Notice: The Hard Reset / Factory Reset operation will delete anything that are saved in your phone’s internal memory, So make a backup of your data in case you can access them.


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