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Nokia Lumia 710 Earpiece Speaker Ways Solution Jumper

nokia 710 speaker ways jumper
nokia lumia 710 ear speaker solution
nokia 710 ear speaker problem
nokia 710 speaker problem

Here’s the solution for Nokia Lumia 710 Ear speaker problem. This solution may help fix and repair if there is no audio sound can be heard over the earpiece speaker.

First, you may need to check the earpiece speaker and try to install a replacement spare on it. Also ensure that the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board are cleaned.
You may then refer to the solution below for it shows the connection line paths of the earpiece speaker on Nokia 710 for further troubleshooting.

Nokia 710 Earpiece Speaker Problem Jumper Solution

Speaker can be damage and it may have noise in voice and in some cases it can be low voice quality in it.So in all these problems about speaker of Nokia Lumia 710 replace ear speaker after dis assembly of Nokia 710.

If replacement of speaker could not solve problem check all these tracks that are given in above diagram to solve ear piece problem.If any print out of these is missing apply jumpers and if any part is missing or damage replace them.

nokia lumia 710 earpiece speaker solution
nokia 710 ear speaker ways
nokia 710 speaker solution
nokia 710 ear speaker jumper


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