Saturday , 28 March 2015

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.04 Setup Download


Download Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.04 Setup

About BEST | BB5 Easy Service Tool
BEST ( BB5 Easy Service Tool ) by Infinity Team is a new flash and repair tool for Nokia phones brought to you by Infinity team.

BEST can flash and repair all Nokia BB5 phones including latest Rapuyama, Broadcomm and other devices.

BEST supports dead USB flashing, normal USB (alive) flashing, BB5 fast flashing, custom flashing, Dead-to-Test operation, read RPL via USB, user data extraction and more !!

BEST is a dongle protected software, you can use with UFS , SHU interfaces.

Normal/Dead USB Flashing
Sp-Unlock (Operator/Network Unlock)
Custom Flashing Via USB
Repair Phone
Read Information
Sp-Unlock/Operator Lock/Network Lock/Provider Lock
User Lock
Lifetime Counter Operations
Product Profile Operations
Selftest, Format File System
Reset Settings
Keyboard Test
User Data Extraction
User Data Repair
And Many More Other Functions…

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.04 – Nokia Android Repair and Lumia Stuff
- UserData operations improved
MTKx : Forensic Mode supported for more models
RM-1124 (Nokia 108): PhoneBook Extraction
RM-1125 (Nokia 220): PhoneBook Extraction

– Service operations improved
WP8x: WP81 Test-Mode Init Improved, also now possible get SECWIM directly from BEST
NXP: Security Repair released for NXP1.x Phones!
Allow Repair Damaged/Killed security after Boot Repair via some jtag products
Allow Repair Damaged/Killed security after custom ROMs and security manipulations
Allow Repair security after eMMC change (empty fill)
This feature intended only for repair original security data. Using this for illegal actions is strictly forbidden
Supported models:
Nokia X (RM-980) – V1, V2 HW version
Nokia X (RM-1030) – V1, V2 HW version
Other RM-variations (RM-981, RM-1042, RM-1053 ) supported also

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  1. Is easy to flash and unlock……………………is the best cause everybody likes useing to flash there fones…………trust me

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