Samsung S5230 Touch Solution Touchscreen Ways

Samsung GT-S5230 Touch Solution Touchscreen Jumper
This time we will try to discuss the problem on the touch screen Samsung S5230. Damage to the touchscreen Samsung GT-S5230 often occurs due to broken glass touchscreen or touchscreen connector problematic. Causes damage to the touchscreen often in the causes for the phone is dropped. Here are the steps that should be done to solve the problems on the touchscreen.
Federally first step should be done is to replace the touchscreen itself, if it is broken touchscreen certainly did just live instead of glass touchscreen. If deemed touchscreen works fine but does not solve the problem can take the second step.
The second step is to check the connectors touchscreem try and track as in the picture below, do the jumper if there is a path-breaking, do it carefully and thoroughly.

Samsung S5230 touchscreen Ways Jumper Solution

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Samsung S5230 Touch Solution
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