All Chinese Phone No Service/Low Network Solution


This post is for Chinese Network problem solution. If you are experiencing low network connectivity or No Signals at all in your phone check the diagram in this post.

There is a very slim chance you will get this kind of problem but if it happens you should check the Signal Antenna and it’s Connector Pads are properly connected and there is no disturbance between them.

All Chinese Phone No Service/Low Network Solution

Here are antenna ways and Network problem solutions. Please study these diagrams very carefully before you start repairing.

All Chinese Phone No ServiceLow Network Solution 300x171

The signal problem in mobile phones can occur because of many other reasons like if the mobile phone is water damaged it can get rusty which in turn can damage any number of mobile phone parts. Any way if the antenna points are damaged I have marked their full jumper ways in the diagram below.
All Chinese Phone No Service/Low Network Solution

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