Nokia 1616/1800 Power Switch Key Ways


In the following lines you will get to know about Samsung S5282 power button problems as well as their solutions:
Nokia 1616/1800 Problems
Nokia 1616/1800 power button becomes stiff.
Power button becomes unresponsive.

For Nokia 1616/1800 power button problem there is no work around method, however you can try using a pin and move it all around the Samsung S5282 power button, as this might be able to take away some stiffness from your power button.

Nokia 1616/1800 Power Switch Key Ways
Nokia 1616/1800 Power Key Jumper
Nokia 1616/1800 Power Key Solution
Nokia 1616/1800 Power Key Not Working

Nokia 1800 and 1616 power on off switch Jumper ways 300x240
1616 on off switch 300x202
Nokia1616 KeyPad Ways 144x300When it comes to hardware, the very first thing that you need to do is to re-solder power button strip and check its on-board connector for any loose contacts.
If the above method not working replace new power button strip.
Check power switch connection line paths accross to each components where it is being connected.

Nokia 1616/1800 Power Switch Key Ways

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