Codes For Resetting All Samsung Mobile And Tutorial

Codes For Resetting All Samsung Mobile And Tutorial
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How To Reset All Samsung Mobile

Do you tend to forget things or your just a sort of forgetful person ?!!! Well if you forget your mobile code then you wat to reset it, then here is the trick. These codes could reset all samsung mobile codes (including mobile tracker code) regardless of any model your phone have.

Steps :
1. First of all turn off your mobile phone.
2. Remove the SIM from your phone.
3. Turn on your mobile phone without the SIM card.
4. Enter the code *2767*637# (Universal Unlock Code)(Reset Mobile Tracker Code).
5. Enter The Code *2767*3855# (Full EEPROM Reset)(Reset All Type Of Code).

Notes : Make sure that you’ve backed up your mobile phone data prior to resetting the codes, because it may cause all data including the encrypted one to be lost and there is no way to retrieve it. I warn you so don’t blame me if you forgot to backup.
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