Nokia 101 Display Light Ways Jumper Solution


Here’s the Nokia 101 Solution fro not working display light problem that causes and shows a dark or black screen displays. This solution provides the details on how to fix and troubleshoot a not working white LED lights at the back of the LCD screen.

Nokia 101 Light Track
Nokia 101 Light Ways
Nokia 101 Light Problem
Nokia 101 Light Not Working

Just refer to the given solution below an do have a check and replacement procedures on some components on Nokia 101 PCB board.

Nokia 101 Light Solution Jumper Ways


Nokia 101 light solution 10000000 25 tested
Nokia 101 Light Jumper Solution

Nokia 101 Light Jumper Solution
Hints for repair:
– Visually check the flex connector, if oxidized, clean it.
– Check the 3.8V battery voltage across the filter coil. Check/replace also the coil.
– Trace the LED+and LED – connection line paths from the flex connector down to the capacitor and resistor where it is connected.
– Replace the Display LED Driver IC.

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