Nokia 303 Touch Screen Problem Solution

This post holds Nokia 303 Touch Screen Problem. If you are having one of these problems check these images out and do these simple solutions.
Nokia 303 Touch Solution
Nokia 303 Touch Screen Not Working
Nokia 303 Touch Track Ways
Nokia 303 Touch Jumper
Nokia 303 Touch Problem
Nokia Asha 303 Touch Screen Ways Solution
nokia 2B303 2Btouch 2Bscreen 2Bsolution 300x296
Nokia 303 Touch Screen Problem Solution
Federally first step should be done is to replace the touchscreen itself, if it is broken touchscreen certainly did just live instead of glass touchscreen. If deemed touchscreen works fine but does not solve the problem can take the second step.
The second step is to check the connectors touchscreem try and track as in the picture above, do the jumper if there is a path-breaking, do it carefully and thoroughly.
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