Nokia 5250 Charging Track Ways Jumper Solution

In nokia 5250 if it is not charging ok and you have not charging problem in nokia 5250 then you can solve this problem with help of diagram bellow. in this diagram all charging links are identified so that you can understand which parts are used in charging function in nokia 5250.
nokia 5250 not charging
nokia 5250 charging solution
nokia 5250 not charging
nokia 5250 charge track ways jumper
nokia 5250 charging ways jumper solution

So one print is ground it is identified in diagram with red color and red color is a positive print and you can check all track with meter and if any of them is broken you can apply jumper as defined in repairing diagram.mostly if we plug in charger and it does not show any thing it can be fault of charging base or may be fault of broken link. so check charging base also.

If it shows not charging indication or a message charger not supported then it can be fault of charging ic or may be due to 47k resistance.
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