Nokia X2-02 Mmc Memory Card Ways Problem Repair Solution


Nokia X2-02 MMC Ic Ways Jumper Solution – Damage on the MMC or memorry on Nokia X2-02 mobile phone is often caused by the MMC korupt, with such problems can usually be solved with just the memorry format the card, but it could have been damage to the MMC because the Nokia X2-02 damage to hardware, here are some tips to fix the damage on the  MMC.

if you are facing Nokia X2-02 MMC Memory Card Problem insert memory card etc then here is a diagram to help you for repairing this problem in nokia x2-02.look at the diagram attached with this post and all.
nokia x2 02 mmc card ways memory card solution
Nokia X2-02 Mmc Ic Jumper
Nokia X2-02 Mmc Not Formatted
nokia x2 02 mmc ic jumper 207x300

remove MMC ic and make jumpers as given in diagram short these ic following the have to make some jumpers also to provide Vb crunt so after jumper ic make these jumpers to according diagram

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nokia x2-02 memory card ic jumper solution
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nokia x2-02 memory card jumper
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  1. Sunil Scot says

    very nice share bro keep it up…………..

  2. BABLU KUSUM says

    how can i recover my forgotten security code ? When i switched on my nokia 2700c it asking for code . When i bought the code was 12345 but i changed it and i forgotten it .sir please give me solution for recovering the code and don’t say for flashing .sir please it urgent for me, please …please …please…

  3. Anup kumar Mahto says

    try to flashing ur nokia mobile…. It is only the way to restore ur security code…..

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