Nokia 2710 Display Lcd Light Probelm Solution Jumper


If ever encountered a black or dark LCD screen display on nokia 2710, this problem is cause by the LED backlight failure or it doesn’t light up.
This solution may help fix and repair Nokia 2710 No LCD Screen Display Backlight LED problem that result to a dark screen display on the LCD.

If this problem happens you may then first try to install a new replacement LCD screen to ensure that the LCD LED’s caused the problem or not. if the Back light LED’s still does not work, you may then proceed to hardware troubleshooting and used this solution below.

Solution for Nokia 2710 LCD screen display
backlight LED not working

nokia 2710 lcd display light jumper solution 300x220

Nokia 2710 lcd and keypad light solution 300x290
Nokia 2710 Display Lcd Light Probelm Solution Jumper

The solution above showed the LCD and keypad backlight LED driver circuit. this circuit holds and drive the LED’s to light up or works.
You may start to trace the LED’s positive ansd negative line paths from the LCD pin connector down to the components where it is being connected.
Check the LED driver IC supply voltage, this voltage has a rating value of 3.7 volts which feeds from the phones battery.
If all of the line paths and supply voltages were both fine, you may then proceed to replace the LED driver IC.

Note: a damaged LED driver IC on nokia 2710 will also result to keypad backlight failure. Therefore if the keypad backlight is working and only the LCD display backlight does not work, this doesn’t mean that the LED driver chip is faulty or damaged. This indicates the LED driver IC is still working and fine.

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