Samsung Galaxy S3 Mic Solution

This article is for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mic Problem Solution. If your phone’s microphone is not working the diagrams below can be helpful.

If Samsung Galaxy S3 Microphone stops working replace it with a new one. Clean the general area around it on the motherboard to make sure that carbon or moisture is not causing this problem. If both of these steps don’t work I have marked Samsung Galaxy S3 Mic problem parts in the following diagram replace them as shown.

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Here Are Solution Please Ovserve Carefully
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mic Solution

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  1. Viviana Stgo says

    Hi, My galaxy mic don’t work. I repair here and there but I don’t know how to remove mic. Can you help me?? Thanks any info will be appreciate.

    1. Raf Bielawski says

      Simply heat up mainboard from the bottom up to 217C using infrared preheater or hot air gun. Do not forgot to use good quality flux.

  2. Clemens says

    Hello, where can I get this ic? Thanks

    1. Syed Manirul Islam says

      i thing you get this IC in any mobile spares market. Thanks.

    2. The Rapid Cycler says

      I’m finding it hard to locate a website that sells spcefic circuits, namely the 8L.K3 circuit that controls the microphone for my GT-i9300 (S-3) phone.

      Do you know of any specific site that you might suggest?

      Thank you!

  3. Michael Miller says

    The solder balls for the mic came out of mine how do you resolder somthing like that or where would you bridge the connection to get the mic going again…

    1. Raf Bielawski says

      All you need to do is put a little of soldering in to solder pads.

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