AvatorBox Easy Tutorial About Connecting Spd Android Phone

how to connect spd phone on avaterbox
tutorial for connect spreadtrum avater box

Many friends are still facing problems in connecting spd android on Avator Box ,Here is very easy tutorial about spd android phone ,Try and post result.

1-Power off phone and remove battery and again insert it in phone but not press power on button

2-Connect usb cable to phone and press boot key which can be vol up or down or any other key on phone,s panel.

3-Now pressing boot key insert usb cable to pc .

4-Pc wil ask spd or sci usb2serial driver ,If driver is already installed then press on continue any way pc will pick automatically driver after it click on finish.Or you can install manually spd driver on ask.
9nbg1 300x279

yhwf1 300x229

5-Now again remove usb cable from pc remove battery from phone .
6-Open AvatorBx exe connect box ,click on spd tab,select nand boot , select 8810 or 6820
7-untick pinfinder ,select usb mode.
8-Insert battery and cable to phone
10-Now press start button of Avator exe ,Press boot key of phone and insert usb cable to pc .
11- All done .

Here is screen shots of Qmobile A2 lite ,its boot key is vol down key.

soyk1 300x256

llta1 300x211

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