How To Flash Sony Xperia ST23i Hang On Logo Solution

Sony Xperia ST23i Hang On Logo Problem
Sony Xperia ST23i Flash File Download
How To Flash Sony Xperia ST23i
Sony Xperia ST23i Sony Logo only Done!
Status Sony Logo only
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Download Flash File Manually

How to install firmware
*Do not plug your phone to computer and charge it to 100%!
*Go to settings and enable USB Debugging and Unknown Sources.

1. Download ftf from post above depending on model.
2. Install latest Sony PC Companion (needed for drivers).
3. Install latest Flashtool.
4. Go to (C://flashtool/drivers) and install driver file.
5. Copy ftf to (C://flashtool/firmwares) and delete other ftf files in there.
6. Open Flashtool.
7. Click on big lightning button.
8. Choose flashmode.
9. Choose correct ftf (left side), do not touch anything else and click ok.

0 300x204
10. Wait.
11. 1Image will show up on your computer – Turn off your phone.
12. Plug it in USB while holding vol- button.
13. Wait.
21 300x170
14. When flashing finished text appears unplug your phone and turn it on.
31 300x170
* It may take a while to turn on (Don’t panic).
My Finish Product 🙂
4 224x300
51 225x300
Problem Solved 🙂
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