How to Find Shorts On Mobile Phones – Guide

how to repair short mobiles
how to find shorts mobile phones

All mobile Short finding method is same.

The Very basic method to find if there any short on a mobile is using Analog Multimeter.
Put multimeter to x10
Check Battery Connector pins

simply put (+) test probe on GND pin and (-) test probe on Vbat Pin

if the multimeter pointer moves even a little there is a short.

You also can use a DC power supply for testing Short but this is better to find where or which part is really short. This way is not a good way to identify a short, because Power supply can’t detect very small shorts which cause some faults on mobile. So remember the best method is using a multimeter.

Ok. How to find if a phone shot or not using DC power supply

Put power to your mobile using Power supply(As your mobile’s power needs) Normally 3.8V is enough some Chinese phones needs 4.2v

Connect Red clip to V bat pin
And connect Black clip to both BSI and GND
Do not touch any key or button

If you’re Power supply’s Current panel shows any of current amount that’s mean there is a short in it.
If your Power supply Shows “0.00” on current panel it means there is No No No..any short Using

Analog Multimeter
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None Faulty Mobile

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Faulty Mobile1

Using DC Power Supply
..None Faulty Mobile..

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..Faulty Mobile..

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