Nokia 202 Display Light Ways Solution

A good number of people have reported that they are encountering different Nokia 202  Display problems. Whenever someone encounters any kind of display problem in their phone they think that it is due to the fault in their screen, however the fact is, sometimes the problem is in the hardware of the phone not in the screen panel.

Nokia 202 Lcd Light Solution
Nokia 202 Display Light Ways Jumper
Nokia 202 Light Solution
Nokia 202 Lcd Display Light Not Working Problem

In the following lines you will get to know different nokia 202 screen problems followed by their workaround methods and hardware solutions.

  • Lines on display
  • Low light on screen.
  • No display at all.
  • Sometimes display works sometimes it doesn’t.

Reasons of Problems
  • Faulty connector.
  • LCD Screen might be damaged.
  • Phone might have encountered any kind of physical damage.
  • Water damage can also be the cause of this problem.
  • Dry soldering of display connector.

Hardware Solution
nokia asha 202 displaylight ways
nokia 202 light solutions tested

All of the above methods will surely help you in resolving Nokia 202 charging problem, but make sure that you go with workaround methods first before you jump into hardware solution. Another thing that should take under consideration before going with hardware procedure is that you should have all the standard tools along your side, else it is surely going to damage your phone.
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