Nokia Asha 202 Network Problem Solution

Nokia Asha 202 Network Solution
Nokia 202 Low Signal Problem
Nokia 202 Weak Signal Solution
Nokia 202 Network Jumper Ways

  • No network found in your Lumia 920.
  • Signals are almost always Low.
  • Your phone only searches for network but does not connect.
  • Signal keeps on dropping.
  • Call drops most of the time.
Reasons of Problems
  • SIM Card might be faulty or has dusty contacts.
  • Your antenna, antenna contact pins and/or antenna contacts might be a bit rusty or is consumed by the dust particles.
  • Any of the components might be faulty.
  • Secondary antenna (Point 1 or Point 2 or both) might be faulty. Antenna wire might also be faulty. (Antenna wire connects secondary antenna Point 1 and Point 2).
  • Antenna Switch or Power Amp IC might be faulty.
  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Remove, clean and reinsert SIM card and check, as sometimes this also gets the job done right.
  • Toggle between different network modes, as sometimes toggling between different networks gets the job done right.
  • Check with any other SIM card, as the problem might be with your SIM card rather than your phone.
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All the above steps are surely going to solve the problem, in case any of the capacitor or coil is found to be faulty then replace it immediately, as there is no other solution than that.
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