Samsung S7562 Mmc Solution Memory Card Connector Ways

Samsung Gt-S7562 Mmc Solution
Samsung S7562 Memory Card Not Working
Samsung S7562 Mmc Connector Jumper

Following Are The Set Of Problems As Well As Solutions Of Samsung S7562 Memory Card Problem


  • Memory Card Not Found.
  • Access Denied
  • Memory Card Unable To Save Anything

Manual Solution

  • Remove And Reinsert Memory Card And Check.
  • Go Into Settings And Check Memory Card Status.
  • Check With Any Other Good Memory Card And Check.
  • Scan Memory Card For Viruses From Your Pc And Check.
  • Verify Proper Action Of Memory Card Slot Spring, As If It Is Damaged Then Your Phone Won’T Read Your Memory Card. In This Case Replace Entire Memory Card Assembly.
  • If Everything Else Fails Then Format Your Memory Card.

Hardware Solution

samsung s7562 mmc jumper solution

Pull Up Samsung S7562 Memory Card Circuit Contacts With The Help Of A Pin To Ensure That Memory Card Socket Contacts Connect With Memory Card’S Contacts.
Re-Solder All The Pins Of Memory Card Slot.
If Resolding Not Work Make Jumpers
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