Blackberry 9320, 9220 Lcd Display Blank Problem Solution

Blackberry 9320, 9220 Lcd Jumper
Blackberry 9320, 9220 Blank Display Solution

In the following lines you will get to know about the set of different Blackberry 9320, 9220 display problems, reasons of those problems and hardware solution.

Lines on Screen.
Screen not powering ON / Black or blank display.
White Display.
Reasons of Problems
Phone might be water damaged.
Phone has encountered any kind of physical damage.
Loose contact between display screen and on-board connector.
LCD screen is faulty.
Dry soldering of the display connector.

Hardware Solution

Blackberry 9320 9220 Lcd Problem Jumper

In case you are encountering lines on your display screen then the very first thing that you need to do is to disconnect and reconnect display strip and check, as sometimes this is also able to get the job done right. We do this procedure of disconnection and reconnection because sometimes display connector contact comes loosely in touch with the on-board connector, hence forming lines on display or discoloration. Besides that, you can also try this method for other Blackberry 9320, 9220 display problems, as for many people this solution has found to be effective.
If the above step doesn’t work then it is always recommended that you should check with any other working LCD screen so that you may know whether the problem is in your LCD screen or phone’s motherboard.
If any other good LCD is also giving you the same problems then it means that the problem is in your phone not in the LCD screen.
As till now you know that the problem is not in your LCD screen, but in your phone then all you have to do is to re-solder on-board connector pins and check.
If it still fails then gently heat surrounding components and check.

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