Blackberry Q5 Usb Charging Jumper

This is the Blackberry Q5 solution for not charging problem via USB cable connector.The solution below shows which track components needs to check to fix the problem.

Blackberry Q5 Charging Ways
Blackberry Q5 Usb Connecter Jumper
Blackberry Q5 Not Charging
Blackberry Q5 Usb Not Recognized

Hints on how to fix Blackberry Q5 Not charging via USB charger connection:

1. Try to use another USB charger and another known good PC or laptop.
2. Visually check the USB dock connector, clean, rework or replace if damaged.
3. Check the fuse and diode for possible open and short circuit.

Hardware Solution

blackberry q5 usb charging ways 300x273
if the track is in good condition, try to replace the charger connector,make sure the charger connector clicks into place properly. may be useful.

Note: Damage to the Blackberry Q5 charger connector is often caused by faulty connectors, by replacing the connector, usually charging will be normal again.
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