Samsung Tab 3 SM-T211 Charging Solution

On this post we will discuss the problem of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T211 Charging USB / Charging Ways, to ensure that the problem is in the phone, you have to try a few charger to make sure no charger is damaged. If you’ve tried a charger does not work, the first step trying to do the checking line usb / charging as shown below, if there is a path-breaking, try the jumper according to picture below, if it does not work, try step two, locker plugin charger make sure everything is connected at each point, good luck…
samsung galaxy tab 3 charging solution
samsung tab 3 sm-t211  usb charging ways
samsung sm-t211 not charging
Here Are Insert Sim Problem Solutions. Please Observe Carefully.
Samsung Tab 3 SM T211 Charging Solution Ways
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  1. ReinGalaxy says

    hi, I don’t understand your solution. Why do you connect the IFC500 pin with the capacitor C552 ? . The C552 pin is ground, and the IFC500 pin is +5V, therefore this is a short circuit!!!
    in the schematic do you put a ground in IFC500 pin. Do you mean this? I must to connect to ground? please explain better. thanks.

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