Asha 308 Handfree Headphone Not Working Solution Ways

Nokia Asha 308 handsfree open or headset not working can be solve by following the diagram bellow. Look at the diagram bellow and in it you can see some parts that are in line with red and yellow color. These parts are used to control head set and head phone.

Nokia 308 Handsfree Ways, Jumper, Not Working, Repair Solution
Nokia Asha 308 Working Headphone Pic Connecter Ways

Nokia Asha 308 hands free problem can be solve by these few steps that I am posting here.Clean all these components that are used in head set function. Apply hot air to dry the mother board and keep in mind do not apply much heat because to much heat can damage the mother board or harm you skin.

nokia asha 308 handsfree jumper ways

Re sold and re flow of these parts can also solve the head set hand free problem in Asha 308.If all above techniques can not solve Nokia Asha 308 head set problem you can replace these parts to solve handfree problem
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