Asha 501 Full Display Lcd Track Ways Solution

A display problem like, white screen , blue screen, blank or black screen, saturated and garbled screen displays, can be cause by a faulty or damaged LCD screen display and can be fix by installing anew LCD replacement on it. Sometimes an interrupted firmware also causes the problem and can be fix by restoring the device firmware. IF all of the above does not solved the problem you may then consider that the problem lies on the hardware components failures.

nokia asha 501 display track jumper solution
nokia 501 white blank display problem solution
asha 501 lcd track ways repair

nokia 501 display conecter ways jumper solution

The solution above will show us a particular hardware components that holds and control the display data signals on nokia asha 501 which enable the LCD screen to work.

Hints on troubleshooting touch screen failure on Nokia Asha 501

This will work if you already tried replacing the touch screen module and restoring the device firmware.
1.Check/clean the touch screen pin connector, re-solder it if necessary.
2. Trace the RESET and PINT DAV line paths. apply a jumper if connection is open or cut.
3. Rework, re-ball or replace the Touch Controller chip.
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