Nokia 501 Charging Solution Usb Pinout Ways


Nokia 501 Usb Charging Solution
Nokia 501 Charging Ways, Tracks, Jumper
Nokia 501 Charging Solution

This solution may help fix Nokia 501 if having problem connecting to the PC or laptop and cause a USB device not detected error. The solution below also helps for damaged or lifted USB pin connector PCB board solder pad, for it shows the connection line paths of each pin outs.
Nokia 501 usb charging solution,
Nokia 501 usb not recognised not detected

Plug in usb cable into PC and Phone jack, Read notifications on the screen phone recognised or not. Check out you can save data to memory card or not. Replace usb data cable and try again.

Replace Usb charger and try again can it charge or not.

nokia 501 charging usb ways solution
Nokia Asha 501 Usb Pinout Ways Charging Jumper Solution

If you are facing charging problem in Nokia 501 and have test all above steps to solve this problem in it. Dis assemble the phone and then look at phone for water and carbon damages. Make it clean with electronics cleaner and apply heat with heat gun to make it dry.

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Nokia 501,Usb,Charging,Problem,Solution,Jumper,Ways
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