Nokia Lumia 620 Touchscreen Problem Solution Ways

Nokia 620 Touch Connecter Jumper Ways Solution
Nokia Lumia 620 Touchscreen Repair Jumper Track
Nokia Lumia 620 Touch Solution

Nokia Lumia 620 touch not responding at all!
Slow response of touch screen.
Reasons of Problems

Touch screen has encountered any kind of water damage or moisture.
Phone’s touch screen is damaged due to any physical collision.
Touch Screen IC might be faulty.
Loose connection Nokia 620 touch screen connector with board.
Screen might be broken which also affected touch screen.
Dry soldering of touch screen on-board connector.
Connector strip might be damaged.

First Try Cleaning The Connectors Its Touchscreen
The Second Check Touchscreen Supporting Components Work … Number 1 VREG_L17_SENSORS 2.8V Number 2 1.8V VREG_L11_IO …. Number 3 Its Value 2.2K (Or Jumper) Pin Number 5 And 6 Directly To D4800

See The Image Below:
Nokia Lumia 620 Touch Screen Ways

nokia lumia 620 touchscreen jumper ways

Now re-solder on-board connector and check.

If everything else fails then gently heat Touch IC. If the touch screen is faulty replace it, as you don’t have any other option left than that.
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