Samsung GT-S5302 Ringer Speaker Not Working Jumper Solution

Another solution below is for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite S5302  phone when damaged and result speaker audio problem. This may help if there is no sounds can be heard on the phone like ringtones, playing multimedia and MP3 music.

The solution below will give as a brief information on which component or spare parts needs to be check or replace on the PCB board during troubleshooting proceedings.

Here’s some hints on how to fix Samsung S5302 IHF speaker problem.
1. Check the speaker using a multimeter or try replacing it.
2. Clean the speaker terminal pads on the PCB board.
3. Check all the filter coils connected to it.
4. Trace the speaker + and speaker – line paths down to the filter coils.

If all of the above procedures doesn’t fix the problem, the possible faulty is the power IC a re-hot, reworking it might only fix the problem. Replace if necessary.

samsung gt s5302 ringer speaker ways jumper

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite S5302 Buzzer, Ringer, Loud Speaker Jumper Ways Solution

Samsung GT-S5302 Speaker Not Working Solution Track, Ways, Repairing Solution Jumper
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