Samsung Note 2 N7100 Mic Ways Problem Solution

Here’s the solution to help fix and solved a not working microphone or MIC on Samsung Note 2 N7100 handsets.
Samsung Gt-N7100 Mic Solution
Samsung Note 2 N7100 mic Ways Jumper Problem Solution
The solution provides the detailed info of how the built in microphone on Samsung GT-N7100  PCb board were being connected to other components. It may help for to easily track down and locate the problem if the said microphone failed to work.The Samsung N7100  used an ordinary two pin microphone that is mounted or attached at the lower part of the PCB board, unlike other newly released device that uses a five pin digital microphone. Troubleshooting this kind of microphone is a little bit easier.
samsung gt n7100 mic ways solution

To begin troubleshooting , you may first inspect the whole microphone surroundings or connected components. Clean it if there is an oxidation build up occurs. You can check the microphone by using a multimeter. The connected components which are labeled according to their desired values are also a big help. You may also check and trace the connection line paths from component to component such as capacitors, resistors and filter coils.
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