Sony Ericsson wt18i Touchscreen Connecter Problem Jumper Solution

The solution we provide is the solution for hardware troubleshooting on Sony Ericsson wt18i  touch screen problem. This will help for wet or water damaged Sony wt18i  touch and type that result to touch screen malfunction.
Touch screen not working, sony wt18i  touch is missing from some positions, sony ericsson wt18i touch screen jumper ways.


Check touch screen of sony wt18i  is it working, not working, or missing for some points. make a screen test if possible and then try celebration if possible.
check/clean the touch screen pin connector, re-solder it if necessary.
trace the reset and pint dav line paths. apply a jumper if connection is open or cut. 
Hardware Solution:
sony wt18i touchscreen connecter ways solution

Just refer to the solution above and do some check up on the highlighted components.

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