LG KM900 Touchscreen Pin Connecter Jumper Solution

lg km900 touch not working problem solution
repair lg km900 touc coonecter ways jumper

LG KM900 touch screen not working, LG KM900 touch is missing from some positions, LG KM900 touch screen jumper ways.

LG KM900 ic touchscreen ways

Check touch screen of LG KM900 Duos, is it working, not working, or missing for some points. Make a screen test if possible and then try celebration if possible.

If you are looking for and having trouble finding where to put a bridge if the pin connector and touch screen is gone or terminated due to water damaged LG KM900 in the water. This solution may help relieve your hard to find out where solder a jumper wire in it just to fix a problem touch screen not working.

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