Nokia X2-02 Charging Problem Ways Repair

nokia x2-02 charging connecter jumper ways solution
Nokia X2-02 charging solution jumper problem ways charging not supported
Charging problem in nokia x2-02 can be due to charging pin broken damage and due to water case of charging problem mobile can not save power in battery and may it shows fake charging in fake charging condition you can only see charging singe in mobile but it will not save any electricity power in it.
after disassamply of mobile phone you have to do a few steps as shown in above diagram.check charging jack and its points do they hae good value if yes then change chager and check it and if charging points at mother board do not show accourate value with meter then you have to check all parts and tracks that are given in diagram of Nokia X2-02.
Hardware solution:

Nokia X2-02 Charging Ways And Jumpers

nokia 2Bx2 02 2Bcharging 2Bproblem 2Bjumper 2Bways
Look at mother board vary carefully if there is any rust or carbon and water damage or may any component is damage.if any track is missing apply jumpers as given and if any part is damage or broken then replace it with new one.
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