Samsung C3322 Power Button Key Ways Jumper

Samsung Samsung C3322 On/Off Key Not Working Problem Repair Solutions are available in the following article. It is also Samsung C3322 Power Roads and Bridges Key information in the schemes in this post.

So for this you have to change power switch button on off button in Samsung C3322 if prints are also damge in Samsung C3322 for on off button then here is a full path and track for power switch button in diagram that is attached with this post so check all this path and track for power switch on off button in Samsung C3322 and if any of these links broken than make these jumpers as shown in diagram with red line while blue color is indicated for ground print.

Hardware Solution:

samsung 2Bgt c3322 2Bpower 2Bbutton 2Bways

Ways Samsung C3322 track power keys
Samsung GT-C3322 On Off Button Problem
Samsung C3322 Power Key Jumper Button Ways

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