Samsung E1125 Sim Card Ways Solution Repair

Samsung E1125 Sim Card Connecter Ways
Samsung GT-E1125 Sim Problem Jumper Solution

This solution may help solved and fix Samsung GT-E1125 with Insert SIM Card problem, for it shows the connection line paths of sim card circuit.

The solution provides an easy quick view of how the SIM connection circuit being mounted or assembled on Samsung E1125 PCB board. In this solution you can easily trace teh SIM connector line paths and check the the corresponding components connected to it.

Samsung E1125 SIM card solution with jumper ways

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Samsung E1125 Insert Sim Repair Jumper Ways

In Samsung E1125 Sim Card Problem can occur because of the faulty Sim Card Connector, You can always replace Sim card jacket with a new one but if you Sim card jacket’s prints are broken diagrams further in this post can help you. Just follow the diagram and make the necessary jumpers.

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