Samsung GT-C3222 Mmc Solution Memory Card Pin Ways

Samsung GT-C3222  Mmc Not Working Solution
Samsung C3222 Memory Card Ways And Jumper
Samsung GT-C3222 Microsd Card Problem Repair

The solution below provides the connection line paths of the Memory card slot pins. You can use it to trace the microSd pins corresponding line paths, to ensure and confirm that the flex ribbon cable is working fine.

This solution may fix an accidentally dropped and wet or water damaged Samsung GT-C3222  phones that result to unable to read the microSD card problem.

Samsung C3222 Memory card jumper ways

samsung gt c3222 mmc ways memory card jumper

Hints in troubleshooting Samsung GT-C3222  memory card not detected problem:
1. Try to use another working microSD card.
2. Clean the MMC slot and the flex pin connector.
3. Check/replace the Flex ribbon cable assembly,. Or apply a jumper wire for remedy.
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