Samsung GT-E1170 Ringer Buzzer Ways Solution

Samsung E1170 Ringer Speaker Not Working Ways Solution
Samsung GT-E1170 Buzzer Speaker Jumper Track Path Repair

Here’s a solution that solved, fix and repair Samsung GT-E1170 Ringer Speaker no sounds output problem.
This solution shows the components that might also possibly damaged if the speaker does not have a sounds output. After ensuring that the loud speaker module is working okay, you may also check or by then replace the components showed on the solution below.

Samsung GT-E1170 Ringer, Hands Free Speaker No Audio Sounds Repair solution

samsung gt e1170 ringer buzzer ways

Locate all the highlighted components on the solution above, this components is where the speaker is being connected. You may check all filter coils and ESD protection diode then replace if found damaged.
If all the components above seems all okay, trace each connection line paths then mend to reconnect it back if found opened or cut.
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