Samsung GT-P3100 Charging Problem Repair Solution

Having a Charger No Response indications is a sign of a defective battery charger, charging pin connector and some of the components on the PCB Board like the chip fuse is being busted or damaged.This solution below may possibly help fix and repair Samsung P3100 Charger no response indication. It shows the location of chip fuse on the main pcb board that needs to check and replace when a charger no response occurred.

Samsung GT-P3100 Charger No response solution (Not charging Repair)

samsung gt p3100 charging ways jumper solution


samsung 2Bgt p3100 2Bcharging 2Bproblem 2Bsolution
 Samsung GT-P3100 Charging Solution
Samsung P3100 Not Charging Problem

The chip diode may also damaged and cause short circuit, a shorted diode make the chip fuse blown again, replace it if found shorted.

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