Samsung S3770 Charging Pin Ways Solution

Samsung S3770  Charging Ways
Samsung GT-S3770 Charging Jumper Solution Tracks, Path
Samsung S3770  Not Charging Problem Repair Ways

This solution covers for Samsung GT-S3770  for not charging problem, or shows no charging indication or response when the battery charger is plug-in. This simple solution shows and tells us the basic steps on how to fix the phone if such problem happens.

The solution below provides the connection line paths that holds for charging on the device. Just follow some simple hints on how the way we troubleshoot tand fix the charging problem.

Samsung S3770  Not Charging Solution

samsung gt s3770 charging jumper ways

Repair hints on Samsung S3770 Charging Failure:
1.Try to use another working charger.
2. Try to replace and use another working phone’s battery. Clean also the battery connector.
3. Check, clean or replace the charging pin – DC jack connector.
4. By using a multimeter, do a continuity check and trace the positive (V+) and negative (V-) line paths.
5. Check/replace the fuse, diode, coil and capacitor.
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