Samsung S5282 Volume Up Down Button Ways

Samsung GT-S5282 Volume Button Ways
Samsung S5282  Up Down Button Jumper Solution

If you are looking for the connection line paths of the Samsung GT-S5282 volume up and volume down control button switch, here we show the complete circuit connection of the said two volume control button switches.

This solution is a big help especially for a damaged or already lifted solder pads of the switches terminals.. or already been replaced a damaged button switch but still it doesn’t work and fix the problem.

The solution below shows the connection of the Volume Up and Volume Down button switch of Samsung S5282. Refer to it and use it as your tracing guide to troubleshoot a not working volume button keys.

Samsung GT-S5282 fold Volume UP(+) and Volume Down(-) Button Switch Connection Tracks

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If volumes are not working we will not be able to volume up or down we also can not use keypad if keypad lock button is not working in Samsung S5282.So look at above diagram and clean all these parts that are given in it.

Apply heat to so that it can be dry for a few mint.Do not apply much heat because it can harm your skin and may can damage mother board also.

Check all these tracks that are given in repairing diagram and if any of them is missing apply jumpers as shown in it.If any button switch or part is damage you can replace it with new one.
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