Samsung S5330-S5333 Charging Solution Usb Jumpers

Samsung S5330-S5333 Charging Jumper Ways Tracks
Samsung S5330-S5333 Charging Solution Repair
Samsung S5330-S5333 Usb Not Working Not Recognized Solution

And here’s how to fix a not charging problem for Samsung S5330-S5333:
1) Ensure and check first the wall charger, battery and battery connectors for possible damaged.
2) Check the charging pin connector (DC jack), clean it including the terminal contact pads. Replace if necessary.
3) Check the charger voltage protection components such as the fuse, diode, filter coil and capacitors. Replace if found damaged.
4) Trace the charger voltage line paths for possible open circuit or cut-off lines.

samsung gt s5330 s5333 usb charging ways solution

The solution above may help on how to fix such charging problem if occurred.The highlighted components holds for cahrging operation of the device if one of these components become damaged or faulty it will result to a not charging problem.
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