Samsung Tab P1000 Charging Ways Solution Jumper

Samsung GT-P1000 Charging Ways
Samsung Tab P1000 Chaging Jumper Solution
Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Not Charging Problem

Not Charging in Samsung GT-P1000 , Charger Not Supported, Charger not working in Samsung P1000 , Fake charging.

Extra Charger for diagnostic..
Electronics Cleaner for cleaning carbon or water damages.
Hot air to dry the mother board.
Solding Iron for applying jumpers.

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Solution and Diagnostics:
Plugin charger pin into charging jack of Samsung Galaxy Gt-P1000 .
If charger is not working and you do not see any error at Samsung Tab P1000 screen it can be due to missing component or damaged.
If the error is Not charging or charger not supported it can be cause of charging ic and missing values.
Disassemble the mobile phone and look at the mother board.
Change charging pin and try again if above steps do not solve charging problem try bellow.
If there is some rust or carbon then apply electronics cleaner and clean it.
Apply hot air to make it dry and test again.
Different color lines are given to indicate whole track and paths of charging function in Samsung Tab P1000 .
Check all points that are described in above diagram and if any track out of them is missing apply jumpers as shown in above diagram for solving charging problem in Samsung Tab P1000.
You may have to change charging IC.

Warnings & Tips:-
Do not apply much heat with hot air it can be harm for your skin.
Apply jumpers carefully so that it would not be short with other.
After cleaning with cleaner make it dry proper.

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