Blackberry 8800 Battery Connecter Pin Line Ways

Blackberry 8800 Battery Connector Terminal Jumper Ways

Blackberry 8800 Dead Solution
Blackberry 8800 Battery Track Ways
Blackberry 8800 Battery Connector Jumper
Blackberry 8800 Terminal Jumper Ways.

Blackberry 8800 Battery Terminal Points Damage Ways Problem Solution if in Blackberry 8800 during changing battery terminal points you have loss battery points then you can solve this problem with this diagram bellow posted in this post.

blackberry 2B8800 2Bbattery 2Bconnecter 2Bways

there are three different color lines in this post shows that how you can make jumpers so check these links with meter and if any of them is broken make these jumpers with insulation wire.this diagram can help you in case Blackberry 8800 is dead you can check these links so that battery crunt can pass through right ways and can be set on off.
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