Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190 Mic Ways Solution Modification Jumper

Here’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190 solution for not working MIC or microphone problem. This solution might possibly help fix and repair for a non working microphone on Galaxy S3 Mini device.Samsung S3 Mini GT-I8190 Mic Solution
Samsung S3 GT-I8190 Microphone Jumper Ways

Samsung S3 Mini GT-I8190 Mic Not Working Problem SolutionThe solution below shows the connection line paths of GT-I8190 microphone circuit, which may useful for easy tracing and check up troubleshooting procedures. You may need to check the certain components that holds for microphone circuit and also trace its corresponding connection line paths for possible damaged.Samsung S3 Mini GT-I8190 Mic, mouthpiece microphone problem solution

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT I8190 Mic Ways Solution Modification Jumper


Samsung GT I8190 S3 Mic Ways Microphone Problem Solution


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In Samsung GT-I8190  there are two 5-pin digital microphone module is being used for primary or normal mode, but you may find 4 digital microphone being mounted on the PCB board the others for handsfree mode, and other is noice cancellation. Replace all of them one by one.

The solution above shows the primary and secondary digital microphone which holds as a voice transceiver on the device. You may first check the corresponding connection line paths showed on the solution above before attempting to replace the two digital microphone assembly. Just be careful by removing the digital microphone module and ensure that the PCB solder terminal pads will not be damaged or lifted.

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