Nokia N97 Mini Charging Ways Solution Usb Jumpers

Nokia N97 Charging Ways
Nokia N97 Mini Usb Jumper Ways Track Line
Nokia N97 Charging Problem Solution

Not Charging on Nokia N97 may be caused by some damage such as: IC damaged, broken line, damaged fuses and resistors can also cause damage to the charging path. we would like to share with you all the tricks about how to repair the damage to the charging point on the Nokia N97 Mini. In this diagram green color line is to identify that charging path of N97.
When the phone is connected to the charger can not respond then you have to do is check out the track.

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The picture above is a guide to fix Nokia N97 Not Charging, Charging Not Supported,Bad Contact Charging and Line Charging disconnected. Well to make improvements please see the picture above.

  • Check the charging path
  • Check the fuse (if it breaks please make fuse jumper as shown above)
  • Check the capacitor and resistor (if defective this component will lead to charging is not supported on the Nokia N97)
  • Check the charging IC (if defective IC will usually result Charging is not supported and bad contact charging)
This it instruction from us may be useful.
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